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Optimum Small Business Commercial.

Optimum asked a handful of small businesses to do a commercial for them last November. When I first got the phone call from the producer, Laura, I thought she was pulling my leg. I seriously thought she was a solicitor looking for me to advertise! After a lengthy conversation, mostly because i had a lot of questions just to make sure she was real, I was assured and agreed to do the commercial. I was honored actually that they had asked me to do it. Of course they had to first come by and scope out the studio. Make sure they were able to work with the space. 

December 7th mid afternoon the motor home rolls up and Wild Factory production crew starts to get to work. They usher me off for hair and makeup and before you know it we start filming.

As nervous as I was all morning, once we started I actually had a lot more fun then I ever thought I could have, especially since I was on the other side of the camera. Working with a wonderful group of professionals made it super easy!