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On Tuesday and Thursday evenings I happily have the responsibility of picking up Henry after school. As much as I have a ton to do at the studio I find myself constantly looking at my watch anticipating our evening together! I’m such a grandmother! 

I  walk into his classroom and get the usual response. N A N A! He jumps into my arms and gives me big hugs. We grab his belongings and head out for our night together, but today we detoured to Folletto’s for some pizza. I  ordered him a slice and a cup of water and found a quiet table to relax at. As I sat across from him with my elbow on the table chin in hand and enjoying every moment, I  couldn’t help but admire the awkward way he tried maneuvering the fork into his mouth and of course intrigued by our conversation about Play-Doh. I was absorbing it all!  Any opportunity I have to lay my eyes on him is a moment to remember. I was enjoying every second and then realized, crap, I  better grab a picture. Why? Because on my business Facebook page I have to post something EVERY DAY! Agh!

I  had to stop being a part of the moment and take out my phone. I  tried to ask more questions to keep him engaged but he was fully aware that I  wasn’t as present. It made me think, what would it mean if I hired my own professional photographer to capture our time together? Something I  do for people everyday but never really considered it for myself.? The image would be so much more special. They would capture my googley eyes staring at Henry’s beautiful face or the little smile I always have when in his presence. They could capture the way he uses his hands and tilts his head when he speaks or the little side glances he gives me when he’s making a point. Snap shots are great don’t get me wrong, but I think, wait, I know I would love the photo even more if it were showing the moments we share, not just the moments I am a part of.