Looking Back

I was given a suitcase and a few boxes of old photographs that were once treasured by my grandparents. Looking through, what seemed to be an endless amount of photographs, I found many surprises.

One was I never knew my grandmother wore shorts! Haha There was never a day that I saw her in them. Also a bathing suit. I know it's not a big deal to most but my grandmother was always preparing a wonderful meal for when we got together. She was always perfectly dressed, sweeter than pie and had plenty of love and patience!I guess I never got to see the other side of her. I wonder if these photos were in an album instead of a box, maybe we would have had a different experience with her growing up. I wonder if I would have asked my grandmother to play catch had I known that she had a pair of shorts! :))

Nanni 2015-08-29 08.04.36