Its Going to Be a Very Happy New Year!!

Henry Blue wrap

Henry Blue wrap

It’s Going to Be a Very Happy New Year!!

Today is my first day back to work since December 23rd. Every year after working countless long hours for the holidays, I take off between Christmas and New Year. My vacation would typically consist of slow relaxing mornings, maybe get some reading and exercise in. If I was feeling adventurous I may have started up the car and got a little post holiday shopping done. It was a time where I would just shut off all the stimulants around me and find center again. However this year was a lot different!As of December 27th at 9:01 p.m. I became a Nanny! The cookiest, googliest, over the moon kinda Nanny you have ever seen! My home has been transformed from a quiet singles do what you want kind of home to a poopie diaper, laundry up the wazoo kinda home. Sleep and slow peaceful mornings are a distant memory and that’s ok because when the little guy lifts his bobbly head off of my shoulder, turns his face toward my face and looks into my eyes….my heart just melts and everything in the world is just perfect!

I am very proud and impressed by my daughter Amelia and her new roll as a mommy. She is nursing around the clock with little to no sleep, yet she embraces every moment with love and wonder. She cherishes all the little milestones along with all the diaper malfunctions. Even the blasted breast pump she will curse at (quietly) when it gives her a hard time but that too she can make into a positive experience.

Time seems to fly by and at the same time the days just seem so long but in all honesty the days are much longer when I am away from my daughter and grandson.

Hope you have a Very Happy New Year filled with Peace, Lots of Love and Joy!