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“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything”

That’s one of my favorite quotes! By Michael J. Fox When I read it I can feel it deep in my heart. nothing makes me happier than when I’m with my family- They are my Everything!

As Henry is getting older I see we are moving into creating a morning ritual. It goes like this..

It’s 6:30 in the morning, I’m writing in my journal. I hear Henry’s door open and the dragging of his blanket. He arrives with his Ella the elephant pillow and his favorite blanket. His hair all tussled, still groggy from sleep. Few words are exchanged other than me saying “Good morning Sunshine”. “Good morning” he muffles back. He hoists the heavy blanket then Ella up onto my bed. Finds the strength to climb up and over me. Plants himself right up against body for that extra warmth. And we cuddle, discuss his dreams and plan what toy he wants from Santa. (I like that he makes plans ). We get to spend about 30 minutes together each morning, it fills up my love gauge till we get to do it again!

What is the one thing your family does every day or every week that brings you all together?  I would love to hear what special traditions your family has created that your children look forward to day after day week after week.

Have a great week! ~Jen


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