Long Island Children's Photographer / What would I rather be doing instead of blogging?

 a day at the park with grandma professional photographer Northport NY

[Today blogging is essential to a business, in order to make sure you get a great placement in the Google rankings. Ugh! I just have to hear the word blog and I look like that deer in the headlights! To have to come up with a topic and then to write about it stresses me out. The thought of blogging stops the possibility of any creativity. You would  think that as a creative this should be a simple task. For me, I have to be passionate about what I am writing,  I have to feel it inside.  Like when Iā€™m taking a photograph - it's visceral, it's a part of who I am and capturing it is easier when I can feel it. The feeling I have when I am in the moment is equivalent to loving someone so deeply that it just makes you happy. Your heart opens up, your eyes go wide with excitement and wonder. Your heart is connected to the universe and everything just seems to be perfect and nothing else matters. ā€¦..Well that's what capturing a photo feels like for me. The moment of pure love and connection. 


So I guess this brings me back to my original question.  What would I rather be doing instead of this blog? I would rather be laying in the sand with my grandson Henry. Experiencing with him the first time he got to feel sand. The wonderment and curiosity he was experiencing I was able to capture every moment down to the little grains of sand trickling through his fingers as he watched with amazement. These are the moments and feelings that are so important to photograph and capture.


He had a cast on his leg for 8 weeks so this was the first beautiful day he was able to be outdoors without it. It took about a week for him to learn to walk again so there we were in the middle of this big field, and I was wondering what he was willing to do. Then, he just went! He didn't care that his leg wasn't perfect, that the strength wasn't there.  He tumbled, he rolled, he face planted, and he was having the time of his life. That day he learned to run! I felt his excitement, freedom and even his runny nose; I felt it all and captured it all. Even down the the moment he was scolding me!

I ended up doing a lot of the shooting with my heart rather than looking through the viewfinder that day.  The heart sees moments very differently than the eye and those moments, for me, bring the greatest smiles!

I hope they bring you smiles too!