Long Island Beaches/Family Photographer

Family Photographer for 13 years and counting


I've been photographing the Rubino's since Jack was a year old. Then one by one the new siblings came, Robby, cooper and then Lilly.Taking their newborn and 1 year photos like clock work. Of course every year for the holidays Lisa would gather the troops together and come into the studio.

Lisa is a true beach girl. so by the time lily was old enough to walk we headed to the beaches for our holiday photos. We have some great images through the years. Till this day I cam lookmback at them and smile. But the best part, is that I get to watch them grow.
Oliver came along 4 years ago and brought a new energy and light to the Rubino's. He's a special little guy filled with love and lots of humor. Oliver has never been to the studio except when Lisa came in for a maternity shoot.

Each one of the kids holds a special place in my heart. Jack is now a young man heading to Chaminade this year. Unbelievable! He's always been the strong older brother staying calm when the younger ones get silly. He'd sit there and wait trying not to giggle as much as the younger ones. Robbie, who I adore! He's quiet and I think doesn't yet realize how handsome he is. Sweet personality. I think because he's the middle child (or at least was for am number of years) I feel a bond to him. Yup, I was one too. Cooper! Love him and his energy. I really think he's going to be a model when he's older. He LOVES posing for the camera! Always popping in front of me asking me to "Take this pose!" Hugs everytime I see him! Lilly being the first and only girl, it amazes me how much she looks like her mom. She is a strong young lady yet very sweet and kind. Definitely knows how to keep up with her brothers. Doesn't seem to be afraid of much. well, maybe sharks but I am too! Ollie is just the cutest, he's 4 now with a dynamic personality that just makes you smile. He's a smart little guy and surrounded by endless love.

Having relationships with my clients and their children is what makes my job so amazing. I have an extended family, we share our lives, ask for advice and most of all always know we will be there for each other.