Family Portraits at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum / Great River NY

The Year of Graduates!

It’s a special year for Valeria and Fernando. They are both full time students, full time employees and also raising their son. So to say that the last 4 years have been quite the world wind is an understatement. But they did it! Together and with the help of their parents, they are graduating from Farmingdale College. What makes this occasion all the more special is that their son Leandro is too! How cool is that? It’s a year for the history books!


This wasn’t just a celebration for the 3 of them, but for Valeria’s parents as well. As we all know it takes a village. Ahh, so proud!


As you can see Valeria dedicated her graduation hat to the love and support she received from her mom and dad. She told me if it wasn’t for them she wouldn’t have been able to do what she did.

Rodriguez016  8x10.jpg

The weather was perfect and the Arboretum was coming into bloom. So many great opportunities to capture their family. We walked around the perimeter, finding all the perfect spots to take their family portraits.

When Valeria and Fernando came in to the studio a few weeks after our session to pick up their prints, I asked, “ How does it feel not to be in school anymore"? They both said “Weird.” Just like that, the hustle and bustle ended and a whole lot of time to spend as a family!

I give them a lot of credit! They were both determined to walk away with degrees and Valeria hopes to continue and get her Masters while Fernando has his sights set on becoming a NYC Police Officer.

Rodriguez114  4x6.jpgLong-Island-family-photographer-Graduation-Bayard-Cutting-Arboretum.jpg
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I haven’t know you for long, but so proud of what you have both accomplished! Wishing you much success!

Long Island Children and Family Photography

Northport, NY