Long Island Family Portrait Studio / Best Places to have a family portrait taken

Some of the best places on Long Island for a photo shoot. 

Crab Meadow beach, whether it's Spring, Summer or Fall always lends itself to a beautiful background. 

Robert Moses State Park, my favorite field is field 3 for a family portrait session. Most of the time there is a long walk involved but well worth it. There's a great lifeguard shack that nobody occupies as the sun sets. Which of course is the perfect time of day for a photo shoot.

Bayard Cutting Arboretum is magnificent! If you're looking for a variety of backgrounds and poses this is a wonderful option. They have walkways lined with beautiful flowers, ponds sourounded by beautiful trees and bridges. The great lawn is a fun place for the kids to run free and a perfect moment to capture some wonderful candid shots.

The Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport another perfect backdrop for a family portrait session. The session will take us walking through the perfectly manicured gardens, cobblestone bridges, fountains over looking the harbor and acres of grass and trees. Not only is it beautiful but a fun place to that the kids will truly enjoy.

Coindre Hall in Huntington is not only a beautiful background for a family photo shoot but it's also pet friendly! 

Speaking of pet friendly let's not forget the Frank Melville Park in East Setauket. I love this place too! There is a beautiful pond that is so inticing that I personally find myself wanting to photograph a family in every nook and cranny. 100 year old trees, a stone bridge, an old red barn and ivy covered woods. It's perfect!

please call or email and I will help you pick the perfect spot for your family portrait session! 

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