Family Photographer

The custom photography experience

Custom photography is ultimately about choice, experience and finding a professional family photographer who takes the time to get to know your family and your needs, giving you full, undivided attention without worry of who is next “in line”, or the feeling of a crowded portrait studio.


Scheduling your portrait session

Zoot Shoot Photographers sessions are customized just for you at our Northport photography studio, your favorite location, or your very own home. Every shoot is set with a relaxed, lighthearted vibe. Special attention is given to each family member, so you’re comfortable letting your authentic selves shine through for the camera. Contact me and I’ll help you create your next family portrait session.


Capturing moments

Great photographers know that it takes more than technical skill to uncover the true heart and soul of the subjects: the pure innocence in an infant’s eyes; the warmth and love in a spouse’s glance; the untempered excitement in a toddler’s laugh; the glow of adoration in a grandparent’s smile; the sensitivity just beneath the surface of a teen’s sassy shell. Uncovering those nuances is a skill you can’t teach.