About Jen

Photography was always a part of my life, it wasn’t until I came back from a High School trip from Italy that my friend’s mother said to me, as she looked at my photos, “You should be a photographer”. I never thought about it before that but it definitely sparked a little joy thinking about it. As I write this I only now realize that 2 years later I was offered an assistant job at a little photo studio in Huntington. I wasn’t searching for it but it found me. Not because I knew anything about photography, because I certainly didn’t, but I think that was the start of the Universe arranging opportunities for me to help people see their own beauty!

Ok, here is where it gets sappy!

I love, love, love witnessing the love of a family, capturing each family member’s personality. The way they interact and engage, the looks they share, the tender moments, mom’s hug or that gentle kiss on the head that I know is given because there is nothing more fulfilling than having pure love sitting right there on your lap. If you could inhale them you would!

My goal is to capture the essence of your family and personality of each and every one!

I look forward to working with you! Please reach out for more info or any questions.

Thank you!