We do understand that in this day in age, digital images are often preferable, they are easier to share with friends and family, and therefore, we offer a variety of digital packages. 

Here at Zoot Shoot Photographers we believe that printed images provide a tangible connection to moments in your life. They prompt memories. Tell the story of your life. They are as personal and precious as the memories they represent.



Children's Photography

This time in their lives is fleeting. Capturing your children now means you can treasure their youthful innocence forever. 



Teen Photography 

Capture the joy of your children coming into their own, reaching pivotal milestones, exploring their independence, and discovering their unique beauty.

 Long Island family photographer

Family Photography

Your family is everything. There’s nothing more precious than your time together. Capture the joy of that special dynamic with images your family can treasure for a lifetime.


Business and Corporate Photography

First impressions matter. Raise the bar with sharp, professional photos for your website and marketing collateral. We’ll produce individual and team images that represent your brand and can help build your business. *Digital headshot packages start at $150