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Dog Day!

Pet Portrait event Saturday March 4th.

Bring your pooch in for a shoot!
Heres the SCOOP!
Session fee is Free! We just ask that you make a $25.00 donation to Grateful Greyhounds.

Grateful Greyhounds is a wonderful non-profit, organization. They use donations to cover the cost of veterinary care for broken legs and other serious conditions.

After the session your dog will receive a doggy bag filled with lots of cool stuff and a special homemade treat from Barkfield Road.

To learn more about Grateful Greyhounds http://www.gratefulgreys.com/



What's the Secret

Pauline and Steve were married 42 years ago. Unfortunately their wedding photographer closed up shop right after they handed in their proofs to order their album. Imagine not having that special day to share with your children?Well on a recent anniversary their children surprised them with a gift certificate to ZS so they can finally have that album.

About a year later Pauline and Steve made an appointment with me for a consultation.  We got to chat about their likes and dislikes and decided that since they loved the beach and lived close to it we would capture them there!

It turned out to be one of the most beautiful days of the year! I found a quiet little spot where the evening sun was to the right highlighting the seagrass which was in front of them, I asked Steve how he and Pauline met. Out of the corner of my eye I can only notice the look and smile that Pauline had on her face as she listened to Steve tell the story. It was such a sweet moment to capture. You can see how much she loves him and how happy she was to be there in his arms.

We walked around the inlet and continued onto the beach but no matter where we stopped, there was always a giggle and what seemed to be secret that was only known between them. A secret so wonderful it has kept them connected all these years.



Thank you for making me smile!

Its Going to Be a Very Happy New Year!!

Henry Blue wrap

It’s Going to Be a Very Happy New Year!!

Today is my first day back to work since December 23rd. Every year after working countless long hours for the holidays, I take off between Christmas and New Year. My vacation would typically consist of slow relaxing mornings, maybe get some reading and exercise in. If I was feeling adventurous I may have started up the car and got a little post holiday shopping done. It was a time where I would just shut off all the stimulants around me and find center again. However this year was a lot different! As of December 27th at 9:01 p.m. I became a Nanny! The cookiest, googliest, over the moon kinda Nanny you have ever seen! My home has been transformed from a quiet singles do what you want kind of home to a poopie diaper, laundry up the wazoo kinda home. Sleep and slow peaceful mornings are a distant memory and that’s ok because when the little guy lifts his bobbly head off of my shoulder, turns his face toward my face and looks into my eyes….my heart just melts and everything in the world is just perfect!

I am very proud and impressed by my daughter Amelia and her new roll as a mommy. She is nursing around the clock with little to no sleep, yet she embraces every moment with love and wonder. She cherishes all the little milestones along with all the diaper malfunctions. Even the blasted breast pump she will curse at (quietly) when it gives her a hard time but that too she can make into a positive experience.

Time seems to fly by and at the same time the days just seem so long but in all honesty the days are much longer when I am away from my daughter and grandson.

Hope you have a Very Happy New Year filled with Peace, Lots of Joy and Joy!



Northport Village


I think this was one of the hottest days of the year, but looking at the images you would never know. Sydney was one cool girl while we hit all of the beautiful spots around Northport Village.

We never met before the shoot but I can say that as beautiful as her smile is the same goes for her personality!

Such a great Kid!



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Communion / Long Island Family Photographer / Boys

Here is a little guy that came in a few weeks ago for a traditional Communion session.   

Communion Portrait Tips

I get many calls asking what is needed for a perfect Communion portrait. So I have taken a moment to list all of the tips for that perfect portrait!

What you need to remember for your daughter or son's First Holy Communion photo shoot.

For Girls

Clint-5x7FlatCard-byPCB-FrontHair – make sure you have an appointment with your hair stylist. It’s very important to make sure not all of the hair is up.

Also make sure its not too close to the front of their face.

Fingernails- polished

Remove tattoos and stamps- Nail polish remover works great!

Stockings  Don’t forget a back up pair.

Baby powder - Dresses can be very itchy.

Bouquet – We have many to choose from if you don’t have one yet.

Rosary beads and prayer book – We have these on hand as well.

Pack her jewelry in your bag the night before.

For Boys


Haircut at least one week before.

Fingernails- Trimmed 

Remove tattoos and stamps- Nail polish remover works great!

Boutonniere – The smaller the better. Freesia is perfect for the little men.

Rosary beads and prayer book – We have these on hand in case you need it.

Socks – even though you tell them which socks to wear, don’t count on them leaving the house with them on!


Ironed shirt    

Pack his jewelry in your bag the night before.  

I keep hairspray, hair gel, bobby pins and safety pins on hand. So no need to worry about that.

Here are some additional tips:

During our consultation you can let me know your concerns about their smiles or teeth. It's always best to keep this bit of info away from them.I will make sure I capture their perfect expression.  Many moms will make a special day for their pictures. Make your appointment prior to the actual communion day and create a memorable day for them. This will relieve a lot of the stress for them and for you as well!  It's also a great idea to schedule your daughter's trial hair appointment for the same day as the photo shoot.

We all need someone to help us with decisions but if you can limit it to one additional person that will make it a lot easier on the children.

Best to keep most of the details of the days ahead away from the kids, they have a keen sense and will pick up on the anxiousness of the preparation which can sometimes lead to an anxious photo shoot.

If you need to come on a day when all the children are home from school. No worries, I have a couch and t.v. that they can relax in front of along with snacks.

Please view our Communion gallery at




Parent Workshop at Zoot Shoot with Sally Stewart

How to get your child into show business, legitimately.

This was the topic of our first workshop at the studio.  I am happy to report that it was a success.  The feedback that we have received from parents has been nothing but positive.

Here is one of the emails we received after the workshop.  I don't know how to thank you enough for inviting me! She was WONDERFUL! I learned so much from her...and what a stunningly beautiful woman. I feel like we have a real road map now and a true direction. If you do get a kid workshop together, please put me on the list!

What was really exciting was that Fios 1 News picked up the story and asked if they can attend and videotape the event.  Here are a couple of pics we shot while getting ready.  I believe the whole piece will be airing this Monday night.  Push Pause is the show.  I will keep you posted.





Communion Portraits at Zoot Shoot

It's a big day for all of those 7 and 8 year olds! And of course, we as their loving parents, get just as excited for them. All of the arrangements we need to make in order to make their First Holy Communion a very special day!

The children have been preparing for this day for two years! The day they get to receive Christ. Most of you will celebrate with a party inviting all of your family and friends to welcome them into the church. It's also a time to capture the special occasion for your son or daughter with a beautiful portrait for your home.

Here are some packages we put together for our 2014 Communion season.

In studio session fee:  $85.00 single / $125.00 with family.

Package A:  $405.00 - (1) 11x14 / (3) 5x7 / (20) 4x6 thank you cards

Package B:  $595.00 - (1)  11x14 Canvas or framed print / (1) 8x10 / (3) 5x7 / (20) 4x6 thank you cards

Package C:  $795.00 - (2) 8x10 / (4) 5x7 / (20) 4x6 thank you cards / (1) 12 page album

Package D:  $1295.00 - (1) 11x14 Canvas or framed print / (2) 8x10 / (4) 5x7 / (20) thank you cards / (16) wallets / (1) 20 page album

Outdoor Communion Portrait

Indoor Communion Portraits