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A professional portrait holds a very unique value. It's not only about the beautiful piece of art that you get to display on your wall, it is also about the experience. A day you have set aside for your child. It's a day they will forever remember and treasure. At Zoot Shoot Photographers my goal is to get to know, understand and capture their true essence. Communion portraits are available in my Northport studio, Northport Harbor, at the Vanderbilt Museum, the Cutting Arboretum or anywhere you desire.

Bayard Cutting Arboretum

Fall 2015Are you ready for a fun family photo shoot at the Arboretum? Beautiful colors and memorable times await you! Zoot Shoot Photographers has been Long Island's family photographer for over 25 years.

Beach or Arboretum? Which will you choose?

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer!

I know it may feel like it’s over, especially since the kids are heading back to school. The good news, it doesn't have to be!


This time of year the beaches are pristine the sunsets are pastel and lend themselves to a beautiful backdrop.

Now is the perfect time to capture that family portrait!

If you prefer the fall and can’t wait to dress in your new fall digs. Check out the upcoming sessions at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum! This one I am very excited about!!

Check out the offers and dates available below.

Looking forward to seeing you! Newsletter Sept. 2015 copy

Absolute Imperfection

Absolute Imperfection

Poised and perfect isn’t the way I prefer to capture your kids, because let’s face it— they rarely are (if ever) that in real life. Instead, I prefer to shoot them as they really are: silly faced and sassy posed, erupting with laughter and pure joy, wide eyed and undeniably innocent, yet eager to express that one-of-a-kind personality. Those are the things that make them absolutely and perfectly yours.



Oh Stevie!

First Birthday Photo Shoot

How adorable is this little guy?

I love the little grin, makes you want to pick him up and hug him.

I love when the Birthday cake looks like a giant cupcake. Great job Alpine Bakery!

We were all set to watch Steven smash the cake..........

but we  soon discovered that little Stevie doesn't care for cake!

Communion / Long Island Family Photographer / Boys

Here is a little guy that came in a few weeks ago for a traditional Communion session.   

Communion / Long Island Family Photographer/ Girls

There is nothing like photographing little girls all dressed up looking like little brides.  

Loving the new studio space.  It gives me the opportunity to take my clients outside and photograph them on the porch which has an overhang for those not so sunny spring days.

Capturing traditional and non traditional communion portraits gives parents more options.

Let Us Inspire You / Decorating With Photography

While Jen & I were having our Tuesday morning creative pow-wow we started talking about "the final product".  We discussed how our clients absolutely love their images but get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing HOW they will display them in their home.   What usually happens is they leave the studio after dropping at least $500.00 on 8x10 and 11 x 14 print orders with no plan on where to hang them.   We have decided to make this process easier for you by starting to share pictures of wall displays that we could all have in our homes.  It just takes a little more planning.  The good news is,  we are here to help you! 

We created an inspiration board in pinterest.  Check it out...

Look how you can use 1 large black & white photograph to fill the wall for impact.

display2_large blnwhite

How great is this?  Enlarge one great shot of each of your children.  Let each of their personalities shine!

wall display_

I will continue to post pictures of rooms that showcase photography as art!

Bat Mitzvah Pre-shoot / Ayva Long Island Teen Photographer


Reaching 13 in a girls life marks the beginning of a new stage.  During Ayva's  Pre-Bat Mitzvah photo shoot,  I had the opportunity to make images that symbolize this milestone.   She brought a bunch of fun outfits, her bright personality & her awesome sense of style. Watching the expression on her face as she viewed her pictures,  priceless!!


Decorating With Photography



Decorating with Photography

Creating the "Wow Factor"

I am in love with large photographs. I happen to be someone that believes “less is sometimes more” and when investing in professional photography, why not make an impact in your home with 1 or 2 large pieces that tell a story, as opposed to a bunch of smaller prints that usually end up in a drawer. I also know that those small prints add up in cost. It’s scary to go large, but what if you had someone holding your hand throughout the whole process, from start to finish. Wouldn’t it be so rewarding to see what could be created when clothing choices, location, mood, composition and color were all considered before the actual photo shoot?

Think of it as if you are hiring an interior designer to complete this daunting task. I know from my own experience after being in my house for 3 years I have a vision for my walls but to make that vision happen a commitment to the project needs to happen. I believe that we can eliminate the fear and the uncertainty that comes with committing to a large piece by offering an in home design consult even before you schedule your photo shoot. Trust the process, trust your photographer.

All you have to do is this:

1. Look at that empty wall you have been staring at for years and commit to making an investment to decorate it.

2. Call the studio and let us know you are interested in having an in-home design consult. 3. After that, we will create something similar to a “storyboard” that will incorporate the ideas we shared.

4. After approval, we will then schedule your photo session and start the process of helping you achieve our vision. Filling that empty wall that you have been staring at for years! Wardrobe, colors, mood, composition and home decor are all considered beforehand. This will ensure you are left with a custom piece of artwork on your wall.

The wow factor!

Communion Portrait Tips

I get many calls asking what is needed for a perfect Communion portrait. So I have taken a moment to list all of the tips for that perfect portrait!

What you need to remember for your daughter or son's First Holy Communion photo shoot.

For Girls

Clint-5x7FlatCard-byPCB-FrontHair – make sure you have an appointment with your hair stylist. It’s very important to make sure not all of the hair is up.

Also make sure its not too close to the front of their face.

Fingernails- polished

Remove tattoos and stamps- Nail polish remover works great!

Stockings  Don’t forget a back up pair.

Baby powder - Dresses can be very itchy.

Bouquet – We have many to choose from if you don’t have one yet.

Rosary beads and prayer book – We have these on hand as well.

Pack her jewelry in your bag the night before.

For Boys


Haircut at least one week before.

Fingernails- Trimmed 

Remove tattoos and stamps- Nail polish remover works great!

Boutonniere – The smaller the better. Freesia is perfect for the little men.

Rosary beads and prayer book – We have these on hand in case you need it.

Socks – even though you tell them which socks to wear, don’t count on them leaving the house with them on!


Ironed shirt    

Pack his jewelry in your bag the night before.  

I keep hairspray, hair gel, bobby pins and safety pins on hand. So no need to worry about that.

Here are some additional tips:

During our consultation you can let me know your concerns about their smiles or teeth. It's always best to keep this bit of info away from them.I will make sure I capture their perfect expression.  Many moms will make a special day for their pictures. Make your appointment prior to the actual communion day and create a memorable day for them. This will relieve a lot of the stress for them and for you as well!  It's also a great idea to schedule your daughter's trial hair appointment for the same day as the photo shoot.

We all need someone to help us with decisions but if you can limit it to one additional person that will make it a lot easier on the children.

Best to keep most of the details of the days ahead away from the kids, they have a keen sense and will pick up on the anxiousness of the preparation which can sometimes lead to an anxious photo shoot.

If you need to come on a day when all the children are home from school. No worries, I have a couch and t.v. that they can relax in front of along with snacks.

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