The Snowball Effect

Andriano-Gianluca Photographing children definitely has it's challenges! And I just love taking them on!

Luca had to have some photos taken for his school yearbook. We were limited on time because of deadline so we ended up scheduling him to come in one day after school. As we all know it's a long day for a 4 year old to begin with and the last thing they want to do is have their picture taken.

Here is his mothers account of what happened

~So, I took my 4 year old son to Zoot Shoot for a photo shoot and as we were on our way he was so cranky! I said to myself  "this isn't going to go well I should just turn around and go home" But I didn't. We arrive and my son was not having it at all!  He was crying and having a typical 4 year old tantrum. I decided to leave matters in Jen's hands so I left the room where she was now left with a crying 4 year old. Oh no!~

Now I'm thinking what would a 4 year old love to do? Ahh, I got it!!  Hey Luca! "How would you like to throw some snowballs at me?" His head popped up! "You just have to promise you wont hit me in the head." ( Nothing better than planting an idea into their heads hehehe) He gave me the biggest smile! We finally made our way out to the front porch of the studio, I had a dozen snow balls lined up ready for him! I handed him the first ball and man what an arm! It went whizzing by my head good thing I ducked! Again and again he threw them at me until his little hands couldn't take the cold anymore! The shoot took all of about 3 minutes, but that's all it takes to capture the moment!

~Not only did she get great photos, my son was happy and laughing when they were done!  I couldn't have been happier!  

Now, I know Jen for many years, but if I tell you from the first time I met her  it was like I knew her for years. She is so personable, creative and obviously patient. 
She has now been photographing my kids for almost 8 years. I can honestly say every shoot I have done with her has been not only a success with now 4 children but the photos are amazing!!!
We were all happy! But most importantly, Luca is happy! and I think he'll have a pretty good memory of the time he got to throw snowballs at Jen the photographer :))

Pet Portraits for a Cause

 Calling All Dogs!

We are excited to announce that Zoot Shoot will be partnering with Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue for our first

Pet Portrait event on this Saturday March 8th.  

Gimme Shelter rescues animals that are going to be killed in facilities across the country.  We will be donating $25.00 from each session to the shelter!

Heres the SCOOP!

Session fee is $175.00 and includes a 1 hour photo shoot

$25.00 donation to Gimme Shelter  animal rescue

A chance for your pups portrait to decorate the walls of  a Northport Village Pet Store

A doggy bag filled with lots of cool stuff.



 Call 631.462.5355 to schedule your session.