Hi I’m Jen. Working together will be fun.

Getting to know you is the first step

We start out with a Consultation or Discovery Call. The whole purpose of this call is to talk about your dreams and how to bring them to life. I’ll talk to you about your family, the various personalities involved and the aesthetics of the session – like location and what to wear. This call helps me figure out your family’s true essence so I can bring that feeling out and capture it. It also helps me make sure everyone is comfortable to ensure a truly optimal session.

I will give you my cell number so that you have full access for any questions relating to clothes, bumps on heads, weather or children having unexpected tournaments. Whatever pops up in your life, you can feel free to just reach out.

The Shoot

We will meet at our chosen location – whether it be Westhampton Beach, New York City or anywhere else – a few minutes before our appointment time. This helps everyone get acclimated and relaxed before the shoot begins. Throughout the shoot, my job is to make sure we move at your pace and capture all of those moments that make your family YOUR family–the holding of hands or the kiss you give your children just because they are so precious and amazing! I like to capture the moments in between the main shots because this is where life happens. The laughter, the side- glances, even the temper tantrum‘s. Don’t worry, I’ve seen it all and always find the gold at the end of the rainbow. My attention is on every aspect of your family’s uniqueness–what makes you and your family so exceptionally special!

What makes us different

The personal attention and service you receive every step of the way.

Professional photography printed and presented to you that best suits your needs.

Over 30 years of experience serving Long Island families developing relationships that last for generations.

Custom photography is ultimately about choice, experience and finding a professional photographer who takes the time to get to know your family and your needs, giving you full, undivided attention.


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